• POS System application


    Developed by MkSingular Team, a must application for every business, from coffee shops to supermarkets.

    • Support for multiple users.
    • Support for multiple stations.
    • Support for greek language.
    • Support for multi level user access.
    • Support Employee worktimetable.
    • Support Employee leaves.
    • Support Employee payments.
    • Support for Reservations and meetings.
    • Support to edit every form background and colors.
    • Support to set shop tables position.
    • Support for database backup.
    • Support for multiple shops and products availability on each shop.
    • Auto-lock user screen in 3 minutes and auto-logoff in 10 minutes. 
    • Auto-lock user screen after 3 invalid attempts.
    • Chef screen for order.
    • Employee and Customer birthdays and namedays.
    • Watch connected Users and all logins.
    • Every system change report.
    • Shop details on receipt.
    • Multiple shop types.
    • And more more useful futures................

    • If you need a free trial to check the application, please contact us.
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